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difficulties became the team a "heart disease

New cylinder handling devices before handling work required to reduce to 2 cylinders never slipped halfway, and significantly improve the efficiency and safety performance. [Review] 補習中介 Psoriasis rc tires 健身教練 健身計劃 education agent study in uk 寵物 Restaurant design 馬桶?修seo專家 電腦維修 游泳技巧 Office Interior Design 疤痕 植髮中心 Salt grinder 客貨車 太陽傘 遵理 COPIER PARTS 人力資源管理系統 polo shirt 球衣 膝痛 嬰兒用品BB產品 rolex watch diamond setting it's skin 借錢 pr wine and flower delivery 酒和花送貨 red wines Wechat 應用程式開發 LASER ENGRAVING MACHINE 學生椅 Roleplay Furniture Furniture Storage 廣告紙巾 Domestic Helper 僱傭 IB Tuition Centre HK 魔術表演 婚紗攝影 Storage Room Six Sigma course Background substation maintenance work often need cylinders weighing up to 100 kilograms from the first floor by the stairs transported to the upstairs. The focus of heavy gas cylinders, the structure itself, the handling process requires at least four staff, is not only difficult but also difficult to coordinate, it is easy to get rid of the cause cylinder slipped from the corridor. How to solve the gas cylinders in the corridor for special occasions such as handling difficulties became the team a "heart disease". . Case December 20, 2012, Zhejiang Xiaoshan Power Supply Bureau substation maintenance classes came 220 ​​kV Ningwei the change to carry out maintenance operations, when encountered handling cylinders link, a "shopping cart" type cylinders Handling device to help on a big, two staff members, one after the other, pulling a trailer, less than 1 minute, put the cylinder onto the floor, with 1/4. The device is not only equipped with stair climbing function, also with a before and after "self-locking device, the car will not slip slope drop in the handling process.