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hoisting or horizontal movemen

Hand destroyed the top of the head and the claw part can be lifting the claw part from the weight of half of the head. Minimum weight hand destroyed the top head 1.5T maximum lifting weight 50T hand destroyed the top good stability, lifting the low starting point, light weight, large travel, easy to carry, welcomed by the industry! Longhai lifting hand destroyed the Japanese top attractive appearance, excellent material, durable and complete specifications, is your ideal choice! Yantai Development Zone Longhai Hoisting Tools Co., the main variety of crane handling, lifting tools, handling tools, pulling tools. Own brand Longshen after nearly 10 years of development history, our company with stable product quality, and reasonable price to win the trust and recognition of our customers at home and abroad. . Aftermarket shelf life: product shelf-life period of 6 months under normal use, the warranty period free exchange of any quality problems, maintenance of non-quality problems charges. Hand destroyed the top if the operation is to use? Hand destroyed the top is the use of leverage lifting, so it can have the support or stress points can be used in any angle, convenient lifting, hoisting or horizontal movement. Hand destroyed the top is called the hand-cranked jacks, mechanical jacks, hand destroyed the top play in the lifting process destroyed the top role, often used in conjunction with tools such as handling small tanks.