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moving home搬琴搬屋搬寫字樓

  •  are experienced property professionals who are highly trained in their area of practice to offer specialist advice on your property related issues. They also have duties to value property and search for structural defects in buildings.
  • HIP's are home information packs containing a set of documents for you. These include a statement to summarise the terms of sale, an energy performance certificate, a copy of lease, information on service charges, a new homes warranty and any other documents appropriate to your circumstances.
  • EPC is the Energy Performance Certificate is a document of which provides information on the pmoving home搬琴搬屋搬寫字樓roperties' energy efficiency, energy use and all recommendations for how to improve the energy efficiency. It usually rates a performance scale from A to G (A being very efficient and G least efficient)
  • Housing conveyancer's are the legal professionals specialising in house convgeyancing similar to that of what is dealt by a solicitor. Always make sure they have been trained by the Council of Licensed conveyancers.
  • Standard Coverage is something which removal companies by law must provide for their customers. This is a minimum amount of free coverage referring to the amount you will receive if your goods are damaged in the process of moving house.
  • Domestic Energy Assessor is the person who is qualified to visit your property and check for its energy efficiency. This is usually carried out by examining dimensions, heating and hot water provision. The DEA as they are known will also provide recommendations for improving your energy use.
  • The whole process from looking for a new house, selling your own home and dealing with all the paperwork and red tape involved can be bad enough but then you have to also deal with moving from a place you have called home and that you have lived in and most possibly loved for many years. Sometimes the reason for the move is to downsize. This often occurs when children have moved out of the family home and suddenly it seems a much bigger place than you ever remember. You may have been waiting for some peace and quiet for some time but it is still a very strange and sometimes empty feeling when the kids leave home and become independent. These larger properties are also usually more expensive to run so it is natural to want to move to a smaller property. This in itself though, brings problems. If you are moving to a smaller house, you will find that you are likely to have accumulated a lot of furniture and other fittings that you simply won't have room for. Of course, it is worth sorting through this and selling anything that you feel may make a little extra money. However, you are still likely to be left with an awful lot of 'stuff' that nobody wants and that you have no real need for